Nene Leakes May Not Return to Real Housewives of Atlanta


The self-proclaimed “actress” may not be returning for a season 8 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Speculations started when in interviews she would be asked and she always comes back with the answer “I’m over all the drama, it’s not fun anymore.” Gurl you can’t leave because that mean we will be left with dry safari face Kenya. We are tired of her paid relationships and petty drama. Truth be told I don’t even think I’m ready for Claudia Jordan. I think Kenya is casting a spell on all the housewives. First she broke up Apollo and Phaedra relationship because she couldn’t have one. She an old lady that just need some dick. Check out my video review for episode 3 below.

10 Things No One Tells You About Sex

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The Attractor

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1. Sex is messy. You have probably heard this idea a few times but porn is ruining our expectations of sex. Real sex with real people is messy, sweaty, grimy, hot and sometimes even uncomfortable.

2. Sex is a vulnerable and revealing act. If you have ever had sex with anyone who asks you to dim the lights or turn the lights off completely or if you’re the guilty offender, you should be able to relate. We get naked and bare for sex, we share brief intimacy with another soul and express intense desires. Its natural to feel a bit self conscious after sex, even if you’re secretly a porn star.

3. Good sex can be misleading. Good sex is a cruel and elusive mistress, it tricks us into believing the good in that asshole who’s house you’re heading to in a cab – in the middle of the night…

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The Real Reason Gay’s Don’t Wanna Go to Church


We all know homophobic people being disguised as so called “christians” always like to pull out the bible when gay bashing. Now let me be clear this does not pertain to all christians because I love to praise the lord on Sunday too but one thing I know sweety is God is a loving god he makes no mistakes and I know that no where in the bible does it say to put us down for who we are. Get into what I have to say below!

Preaching Against Us – A lot of preachers are hurting us instead of helping. They like to put us down telling us what we are doing wrong instead of trying to preach in a more loving manner. This is why a lot of gay’s do not like to go to church. Most preachers like to make us feel bad about ourselves instead of trying to help. For instance, I was going to church one Sunday and they would make little jokes such as “It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” bitch if I tell you I felt so damn uncomfortable I wanted to jump out that bitch and throw some holy water in the air and run like Madea! Girl they had me on fiya!


Homophobia vs Religion – Their is a distinct difference between being homophobic and trying to teach the word of God. If someone is trying to make you feel bad about yourself, then they are not doing their job. That is not the message from the Lord above. I don’t know about their bible, but my bible clearly states to love everyone no matter what they do.

Sin is Sin – People like to praise the lord on Sunday and go out and fuck on Saturday. Now tell me that aint some shit! You will let him use ya on one day of the week and the rest is just a free for all. Chile boo! No where in the Ten Commandments does it say “Thou shall not commit a homosexual act”, but it does say “Thou shall not commit adultery”. Mhm. That annoys the fuck outta me you hypocrite build a block hoe. And I know when you fucking you be saying every cuss word under the sun. But we ain’t gon get into that. Seems to me the Ten Commandments are written in stone and the ones that should be followed the most. Sodom and Gomorrah is in the old testament BOO!

Lesbian vs Gay – A lot of the times homophobic people are more critical of gay’s rather than lesbians. Now that tells me that its deeper than religion. People would rather see two woman kiss than the contrary. I think it has to do a lot with men being looked upon as “masculine” and it makes them feel violated. But that’s another blog post.

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Beyonce attacked by Jay Z (Met Gala)



As Beyonce, Jay Z, and Solange were headed toward the elevator Solange attacked Jay Z. Many people still want to know the cause of that reaction and bitch let me tell you I gots the tea hunty. Reportedly Jay Z originally hit Beyonce which escalated to the whole fight scene that happened on the elevator. Solange stormed out that muthafucka when they were headed to their car leaving the show. She said “Driver, Driver roll up that partition please” I bet Beyonce and Solange tag teamed that ass. Watch the video and see the tweet sent from Solange below.




6 tips on How to get a Man



I have read several different articles, books, blogs, etc on dating. I have pulled the most valuable information that I’ve found that actually worked and now I will compact them into 10 things that will have a man falling head over heels for you. Get into it.


  1. Never Chase –  You should never chase a man because that is the mans job and it will turn him off. Guys are like hunters they like to find their prey. If you give him a chase it will leave him chasing you but if you chase him he will run off. Guys want something that they cannot have.
  2.  Be Sassy – Guys don’t like nice girls. A nice girl will always call him wondering where he is and lower her standards for him; which in result the girl will end up getting ran over. You have to be a boss bitch. If a guy invites you out on a date and you have something planned don’t change your life schedule for him. Let him know your’re busy. This all goes back to rule number 1. never chase.
  3. Punany off limits – Don’t sleep with a guy you just met. You have to be selective with your couchie or he will eat it, beat it, and leave it. If you sleep with him when you guys first met he will wonder if you were that easy with other guys and he is just getting another train ride.
  4. Don’t be Needy – Needy isn’t attractive. You have to hold your own and make him think he has a strong independent black woman, hunty. When you are needy a guy will automatically think that you need him and can’t hold your own and feel as though your always going to need him for something. This will make him bored.
  5. Give and Pull – Lead him on, flirt with him etc., however you can’t give him too much attention. He wants a chase once again.
  6. Make him feel wanted – A guy needs to feel like he is your protector. If you hear a noise wake his ass up and let em know that you think someone is trying to steal your cookie. He don’t want a man stealing your cookie. (Hell id drop a penny and tell him you heard something drop). Stroke his ego a little bit and make him feel like hes the best. This doesn’t mean needy, don’t get the two confused.

Kenya Moore police call after brawl with Porsha Williams [AUDIO]

There has been a rumor going around that Kenya Moore was attacked by Porsha Williams during the taping of their Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping. The rumors are more than likely true after hearing the audio of Kenya’s police call. The taping took place on 3/27/14 and someone over at the police station allegedly “leaked” the tape. Right bitch you know damn well one of those hoes sold the shit to TMZ; scheming ass.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting to see Kenya get her ass beat old voodoo stanky pussy no good heifa and I know the reunion will be giving us all the T’s. It may even be the highest rated reunion show of the Atlanta franchise.


Comment below on what you think about the incident.

Beyonce and Jay Z having problems in relationship [LISTEN]

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The Probems

Beyonce and Jay Z are not doing to well in their relationship ever since their baby Blue Ivy was born January 7, 2012.  Beyonce mentions in her new Beyonce visual album that she doesn’t know if she and Jay Z will make it. She says that things are getting out of hand and how Jay Z is never around her and the baby and how she is worrying about where he is. Beyonce wants to get married however Jay Z doesn’t want that and she feels as though he’s making a big deal out of the little things  (Beyonce, Mine). Well girl I thought Jay Z was beating up the pussy well from what she said in her single Drunk in Love. I guess she just wants to marry the illuminati. You could say that they are just lyrics but I would say they are a little more than that because when you write a song that is that deep you obviously had some influence.


 If you listen to her entire album “Beyonce Visual” you will pick up little hints that they aren’t doing to well relationship wise but are fucking and making it nasty with all his Monica Lewinsky. I got all the information below from her song “Mine”

Justin Bieber retiring from music. Excluse details!! [VIDEO]

I know I haven’t done a blog in awhile due to school so I was really busy but I decided to take the initiative to write about this because its a very sensitive topic for me personally. If you didn’t know Justin Bieber admitted that he may retire from making music and he wasn’t making an album. Let me start by saying I always listened to Justin Bieber and I still even to this day remember when his song One Time was being played on the radio all the time. Continue reading

Nene Leakes coming out with a new clothing line.

Kenya s Foolishness   NeNe Leakes   The Real Housewives of Atlanta Blog


Nene Leakes announced her new clothing line on her blog and she is looking for models. Now I don’t know about you but number one why is everyone doing clothing lines and number 2 since when was this bitch known to have good fashion? Now I’m a Nene Leakes fan but not a fan of her clothing. If you or someone you know has what it takes to be a model you can audition in the Atlanta area at the above posted address (in the picture above). One day Nene Leakes we’re wearing sweat pants and some old tired ass shirt and speaking of tired her ass looked flabby too. Anyways chile let me know what you think below.

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Nene Leakes pressing charges on Kenya Moore. Get the details here.

HipHollywood NeNe Leakes Pressing Charges Against Kenya Moore    HipHollywood

As you may know Real Housewives of Atlanta aired last night (Sunday Nov. 11) at 8 EST and during the episode Kenya tugged on Nene Leakes ear because ms leakes started walking away and Kenya wanted to get her point across because there was controversy about why Kenya Moore didn’t show up to Nene’s wedding and was upset to know that Walter (Kenya’s ex) or often referred to bitch i know yall we’re never dating. Continue reading