Sophia Grace getting hate. Rosie the new star?

Sophia Grace and Rosie Go to Disneyland

Sophia Grace and Rosie the talented singers famous from Ellen have been getting hate from critics here is what I have to say about it.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people hating on Sophia because they feel as though she is getting all the attention and they look to Rosie as the more quiet one hence they feel sorry for her. What their not realizing is that Sophia has feelings. It’s not like just because she’s more talked about she doesn’t have feelings. They feel as though it doesn’t matter because she is the attention-seeker anyways.

I understand their trying to make Rosie feel better and try to give her some of the attention but their dissing Sophia along the process.

Obviously a lot of people feel this way just by the likes the comments have gotten in particular the first one.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Sophia Grace getting hate. Rosie the new star?

  1. Listen, y’all. Nobody deserves hate. Sophia doesn’t. Rosie is shy and kinda quiet while Sophia is loud and outgoing. So naturally, Sophia will talk more. And would y’all take a moment to note the fact that Sophia was the one singing in the videos and she was the one rapping. Rosie didn’t do anything. She’s getting all the fame for nothing. The parents just didn’t want Rosie to feel left out so they had her stand in the video too. What the hell is wrong with you? And also, you all have no right to call Sophia fat and short and annoying and stuff like that. You all need to chill. She also has feelings. Just imagine what you are putting her through. Put yourself in her shoes.

  2. Sophia grace literally just hogs everything for herself. The spotlight the fame the attention come on give Rosie a chance to shine for once sophia. And stop acting like such a spoiled brat maybe youre just jealous Rosie has the better voice

  3. Sophia fat and overconfident!!! Good thing she can sing. Rosie a sweet doll that never speaks cuz fatty cuz always talkin’

  4. I can just I love them both but Rosie is cute and adorable but Sophia get too much attention..poor Rosie gets to sit and watch Sophia become a star

  5. I hate Sophia Grace she’s so fat and she acts like a 5 year old!!!! She never let’s Rosie be the star!!! Poor Rosie!!!!! Poor poor Rosie!!!!!!!! I just the the video that Rosie posted of her singing by herself and guess what! Rosie is WAY BETTER than Sophia Grace!!!! Rosie should be the new star, she’s beautiful, skinny, mature, and talented!!!!! Sophia is nothing but a spoiled brat who wants to make herself famous and not Rosie!!!! But here’s what I think: Sophia Grace is not going to be famous later in life because she’s not talented and she’s immature!!!!!! Rosie is going to become a star in the future she’s so perfect!!!!!!

  6. I don’t like Sophia grace AT ALL. She hogs all the spotlight and poor Rosie is only her shadow. I do admit Sophia is very talented but what about Rosie? She’s always getting looked down at by Sophia. And anyways Sophia is a brat. Watch the Nikki Minaj video and you can see that Sophia literally pushes Rosie out of the way to sing for Nikki.

    • I so agree with you except the part where you said that sophia is talented I don’t think sophia is talented at all but I agree with the rest of what you said:) There should be a tag called #RosieTheNewStar

    • If you don’t like her, then keep it to yourself. There is no need to post hateful comments like that.

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