Justin Bieber afraid he’s losing fans. PROOF!

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Losing the limelight

Justin Bieber no longer getting the buzz as he once used to before the teen pop sensation ‘boy band’ One Direction blowing up in the media -(Liam is the cutest IMO)-. He has recently been seen in a negative light getting lap dances at strip clubs, smoking weed twice, spitting on fans, peeing in buckets. You name it. People just don’t care about Justin Bieber anymore. He has been posting recently lots of music every Monday called “Music Mondays“; which haven’t been getting many views with his latest most popular song titled Heartbreaker. He also has talked about sex in a recent song of his called Hold Tight  check it out here: 

My Opinions:

My thought on this is that yes I do believe he isn’t getting as much attention that he used to but do I think he is going to be forgotten? No. Now all you here about is One Direction really. Sometimes it makes me sad when I listen to songs like ‘One Time and ‘Baby’. I personally am not a fan of the so called ‘new Justin’ and I also started to lose interest in him so maybe that says something. Who knows. Only time can tell.

Go check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comment selection below.

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