Lil Kim new music video. This bitch. WATCH HERE.

Video  Lil Kim   Looks Like Money

OK can we talk about that weave tho? I know she ain’t been in the game lately but bitch I know you can afford a better weave. I’m not going to lie I was kind of feeling the lyrics because she sitting there talking about Nicki Minaj and if you know anything about the old Nicki Minaj she used to call her self Nicki Lewinsky and now Lil Kim is doing it. Somewhere back in my head I’m actually rooting for her for some odd reason and I want her to start putting out good music. It’s like she’s starting all over again in her career because this is a part of her mixtape. I feel like she actually still has the public eye on her and if she started putting out good music that our generation listens to then she could do it big.  But that song is just shit. I think she should start writing lyrics about how good her pussy juice is and stop trying to rap hardcore because that is not what we like from a female artist. The reason I like Nicki Minaj is because she raps lyrics that make me feel confident and she has a good beat and I like the way she pronounces the words so if you can fix it and magically make something up on your own that you think we would like then do it and watch your views get hits. The whole reason Tamar Braxton single Love and War got so many hits is because it’s a good song. WRITE GOOD MUSIC!

Never mind I change my mind this bitch aint going no where in her career she done fucked up her face now looks swollen and the bitch is just too old. Bitch I’m tired of hearing you.

Lil Kim music video.

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