Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 is back and so is the drama. -WATCH-

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6   The Atlanta Housewives Return

Premiering tonight 8 EST the drama is back.

They released an extended trailer for the show and from the looks of it Kandi Burruss is raging. Nene Leakes pushing and yelling, and Porsha is going through a divorce.

It’s said to believe that the start of all the drama is coming from Kenya Moore which mainly takes place in Savannah, GA -which will air sometime towards the middle of the season- where they take a trip like they have did in the past 3 seasons. Also you can expect too see Marlo Hampton as she was on season 5 on the Africa trip fighting with everyone most famously Sheree but also with Kim and Kandi.   Nene is rumored to be fighting with Marlo Hampton because Nene Leakes feels she used her to get on RHOA and she then stopped hanging out with Nene and started to hang out with Kenya Moore as a stepping stone for stardom and ms girl (moose) doesn’t like it one bit. So expect to see that throughout the season. Drama between Phaedra and Kenya spark as Apollo and Kenya were sending dirty messages with one saying she would like to suck his …hammer.

Also drama between Kandi, Mama Joyce (Kandi’s mother), and Todd because Mama Joyce believes Todd is cheating on Kandi with Carmen and he also refuses to sign a prenup which leads her to believe Todd is an opportunist.

Watch the trailer here: Trailer

My personal opinion.

I don’t know about you but I think this season is going to be the best one yet and I’m getting my snack and my tea bitch because i will be shading them on my blog soon. I feel like someone is going to get stabbed this season or Phaedra may just go ahead and spark Kenya with her stun gun so if she comes a knocking don’t open the door! Marlo Hampton is like that old/fun mean bitch kinda attitude but will be nice to your face then come in with some lies and smile. Make you want to choke that bitch. 1800-choke that hoe 

Let us know what you think

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