YouTube Music Awards a joke!



OK let me just start off by saying the YouTube Music Awards is the most low budget looking award show I have ever watched. They are walking around confused and couldn’t even find Macklemore when he won the award. The video was skipping and the picture and stadium they rented was just awful. I know damn well YouTube has enough money to do better than that.  When they was giving the award they forgot which award they were suppose to give and were going to give the babies away but then the guy holding the award finally found it and gave it to him. Macklemore had a speech and after her was done there was awkward silence. Oh and they we’re also showing wire cords and one of the producers was pointing where the camera needs to go all caught on film. They just basically walked on over to Lady Gaga when it was her turn to perform and the camera was pointing to her feet along with more cords. The host was just as dazed and confused as I was.

I can just see this going down in history and looked down upon years to come.

Watch Live here: 

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