Nene Leakes pressing charges on Kenya Moore. Get the details here.

HipHollywood NeNe Leakes Pressing Charges Against Kenya Moore    HipHollywood

As you may know Real Housewives of Atlanta aired last night (Sunday Nov. 11) at 8 EST and during the episode Kenya tugged on Nene Leakes ear because ms leakes started walking away and Kenya wanted to get her point across because there was controversy about why Kenya Moore didn’t show up to Nene’s wedding and was upset to know that Walter (Kenya’s ex) or often referred to bitch i know yall we’re never dating.  So she tugged on Nene’s ear and Nene Leakes had to relive the moment and when she saw it it angered her so she took to twitter to say Did u see her grabbing my ear? “Now if I put my hands on somebody like that, they would b sayin “Nene assaulted me”” Damn right when you the size of big foot people don’t know what to think. Anyways that is true but its because your known as aggressive from your past. Remember when you choked/clocked Kim Zolciak and then almost threw her ass in the ocean and drowned her in Miami? Nene Leakes may just press charges on her. Look below to see what she had to say on twitter below.

NeNe Leakes  NeNeLeakes  on Twitter





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