Justin Bieber retiring from music. Excluse details!! [VIDEO]

I know I haven’t done a blog in awhile due to school so I was really busy but I decided to take the initiative to write about this because its a very sensitive topic for me personally. If you didn’t know Justin Bieber admitted that he may retire from making music and he wasn’t making an album. Let me start by saying I always listened to Justin Bieber and I still even to this day remember when his song One Time was being played on the radio all the time. I believe I was 10 years old when I first took a liking to him and I always got called gay for it. I’m 15 now. Here’s the thing that I think is bothering him. A lot of his “fans” are actually directioners now or aren’t paying attention to him and I believe he feels his fans don’t care about him anymore. The main reason I believe he decided to retire was because when he used to release music every Monday called Music Mondays the music didn’t get the support her thought it should.

He has no reason to release and album if people aren’t going to support him. He probably understands that he’s starting to fade away and new artists are starting to come. We all grew up on Justin Bieber and its sad because its starting to change. I don’t think anybody anticipated this day to come but honestly they probably don’t care about him now that they have One Direction. I would watch his movie Never Say Never and would think to myself omg I really want to be on that stage at that concert with him.

I’m not going to lie in recent years I haven’t been paying attention to him. I stopped caring for him around late 2012 because I saw his demeanor change and I just knew that the fame was getting to him. How could anyone blame him? You have people hating you constantly and you can only take so much before you get to a breaking point and you become bitter and your character starts to change.

PLEASE SHOW HIM SUPPORT. He needs help and I would really appreciate it if you guys would tweet this blog to him because he constantly gets hate from blogs and I want him to get the POV from a blogger that doesn’t want to beat him up so he knows that there are people out there that care. I honestly would like to help Justin Bieber and give him advice because I have been through the hate and its good to actually talk about it and him being so famous he doesn’t have anyone to talk to. This blog would probably help him to understand from a fans point of view. Thanks for reading.


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