10 Things No One Tells You About Sex

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The Attractor

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1. Sex is messy. You have probably heard this idea a few times but porn is ruining our expectations of sex. Real sex with real people is messy, sweaty, grimy, hot and sometimes even uncomfortable.

2. Sex is a vulnerable and revealing act. If you have ever had sex with anyone who asks you to dim the lights or turn the lights off completely or if you’re the guilty offender, you should be able to relate. We get naked and bare for sex, we share brief intimacy with another soul and express intense desires. Its natural to feel a bit self conscious after sex, even if you’re secretly a porn star.

3. Good sex can be misleading. Good sex is a cruel and elusive mistress, it tricks us into believing the good in that asshole who’s house you’re heading to in a cab – in the middle of the night…

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