Sophia Grace getting hate. Rosie the new star?

Sophia Grace and Rosie Go to Disneyland

Sophia Grace and Rosie the talented singers famous from Ellen have been getting hate from critics here is what I have to say about it.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people hating on Sophia because they feel as though she is getting all the attention and they look to Rosie as the more quiet one hence they feel sorry for her. What their not realizing is that Sophia has feelings. It’s not like just because she’s more talked about she doesn’t have feelings. They feel as though it doesn’t matter because she is the attention-seeker anyways.

I understand their trying to make Rosie feel better and try to give her some of the attention but their dissing Sophia along the process.

Obviously a lot of people feel this way just by the likes the comments have gotten in particular the first one.

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