YouTube Music Awards a joke!



OK let me just start off by saying the YouTube Music Awards is the most low budget looking award show I have ever watched. They are walking around confused and couldn’t even find Macklemore when he won the award. The video was skipping and the picture and stadium they rented was just awful. I know damn well YouTube has enough money to do better than that. Continue reading

One Direction Story of my Life breaking records.

One Direction   Story of My Life  Audio    YouTube


The One Direction Story of my Life has just been released about 2 hours ago and directioners are already trending #StoryOfMyLifeVideoWillBreakTheRecordOnVEVO. If you would like to help you can watch the video over here


The song is actually really good and I believe that it could break vevo records so please keep supporting and let us know what you think about the video down in the comment section

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Lil Kim new music video. This bitch. WATCH HERE.

Video  Lil Kim   Looks Like Money

OK can we talk about that weave tho? I know she ain’t been in the game lately but bitch I know you can afford a better weave. I’m not going to lie I was kind of feeling the lyrics because she sitting there talking about Nicki Minaj and if you know anything about the old Nicki Minaj she used to call her self Nicki Lewinsky and now Lil Kim is doing it. Somewhere back in my head I’m actually rooting for her for some odd reason and I want her to start putting out good music. It’s like she’s starting all over again in her career because this is a part of her mixtape. I feel like she actually still has the public eye on her and if she started putting out good music that our generation listens to then she could do it big. Continue reading

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 is back and so is the drama. -WATCH-

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6   The Atlanta Housewives Return

Premiering tonight 8 EST the drama is back.

They released an extended trailer for the show and from the looks of it Kandi Burruss is raging. Nene Leakes pushing and yelling, and Porsha is going through a divorce.

It’s said to believe that the start of all the drama is coming from Kenya Moore which mainly takes place in Savannah, GA -which will air sometime towards the middle of the season- where they take a trip like they have did in the past 3 seasons. Also you can expect too see Marlo Hampton as she was on season 5 on the Africa trip fighting with everyone most famously Sheree but also with Kim and Kandi. Continue reading

Sophia Grace getting hate. Rosie the new star?

Sophia Grace and Rosie Go to Disneyland

Sophia Grace and Rosie the talented singers famous from Ellen have been getting hate from critics here is what I have to say about it.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people hating on Sophia because they feel as though she is getting all the attention and they look to Rosie as the more quiet one hence they feel sorry for her. What their not realizing is that Sophia has feelings. It’s not like just because she’s more talked about she doesn’t have feelings. They feel as though it doesn’t matter because she is the attention-seeker anyways.

I understand their trying to make Rosie feel better and try to give her some of the attention but their dissing Sophia along the process.

Obviously a lot of people feel this way just by the likes the comments have gotten in particular the first one.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

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Stevie J owes 1.2m in child support. SHOCKING DETAILS!


What’s the tea, what’s the tea bitch. Hot on the surface we just found out that Stevie J dogging ass done fucked ATL and left them hanging with the child. The only one he cares about is Eve anyways and it makes me sad because fuck if I wanted to pop out the pussy and have no source of “daddies money”. I need some diapers, food, and whatever else i’m feeling.

Back on topic…

Love and hip hop Atlanta star Stevie J owes a tremendous amount of money to one of those hoes he been fucking (Carol Bennett) and she ain’t happy about it. He found out that she was having a –press conference- in New York City, and decided to hit her up and left a voicemail and I quote:

Stevie J Voicemail message:    

”What’s going on, uh I see all this press it’s going crazy and then I see something ’bout a press conference on October 31. I would ask you not to do a press conference…so let’s try to figure out what we doing, what’s goin’ on aight?”

She ignored the voice mail and held the press conference in -New York City- anyway.

“My goal is not to incarcerate Stevie J.,” She stated at the conference.

“My intent is to find a resolution and to co-parent with Stevie J. and that means emotionally and financially so that our children can receive the support that they deserve.” Bullshit. You want that pussy bill paid in full.

There was also an arrest warrant issued for Stevie in 2010 due to the owed money. However the New York City Police Department voided the charge without payment.