6 tips on How to get a Man



I have read several different articles, books, blogs, etc on dating. I have pulled the most valuable information that I’ve found that actually worked and now I will compact them into 10 things that will have a man falling head over heels for you. Get into it.


  1. Never Chase –  You should never chase a man because that is the mans job and it will turn him off. Guys are like hunters they like to find their prey. If you give him a chase it will leave him chasing you but if you chase him he will run off. Guys want something that they cannot have.
  2.  Be Sassy – Guys don’t like nice girls. A nice girl will always call him wondering where he is and lower her standards for him; which in result the girl will end up getting ran over. You have to be a boss bitch. If a guy invites you out on a date and you have something planned don’t change your life schedule for him. Let him know your’re busy. This all goes back to rule number 1. never chase.
  3. Punany off limits – Don’t sleep with a guy you just met. You have to be selective with your couchie or he will eat it, beat it, and leave it. If you sleep with him when you guys first met he will wonder if you were that easy with other guys and he is just getting another train ride.
  4. Don’t be Needy – Needy isn’t attractive. You have to hold your own and make him think he has a strong independent black woman, hunty. When you are needy a guy will automatically think that you need him and can’t hold your own and feel as though your always going to need him for something. This will make him bored.
  5. Give and Pull – Lead him on, flirt with him etc., however you can’t give him too much attention. He wants a chase once again.
  6. Make him feel wanted – A guy needs to feel like he is your protector. If you hear a noise wake his ass up and let em know that you think someone is trying to steal your cookie. He don’t want a man stealing your cookie. (Hell id drop a penny and tell him you heard something drop). Stroke his ego a little bit and make him feel like hes the best. This doesn’t mean needy, don’t get the two confused.